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The naked Fox in the flowers

The naked Fox in the flowers

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Once a year, on the hottest day of summer, the naked fox can be seen running through a field of flowers, so happy and joyful that she might grow wings.

The fox has a very delicate and gentle soul.

 She will happily settle in your home and fill it with the joy and calm of summer evenings.


Cotton & acrylic paints

This is the biggest Fox sculpture we have ever had                                                              Her size is 52cm long 
  x 20 cm high


● The work will take about 7-10 days

● When your naked Fox in the flowers is ready, I'll send you the pictures

● Please note: because of the unique and handmade work, color and size of the handmade Fox may be slightly different

Please let us know if you have any questions. always happy to help :)

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