About us

About Us
Welcome to Marli Toy Art !
My name is Lidiia Marinchuk, and I am a handmade artist  originally from Ukraine, currently living and working in Portugal.
Since 2014, I have been creating unique handmade toys that bring joy and whimsy into homes around the world. The name MarLi Toy Art comes from my name,it’s an abbreviation

Our Journey
For many years, I sold my creations on Etsy. However, as my passion and skills grew, I realized it was time to open my own shop, and so Marli Toy Art was born.
Every character you see here is entirely handcrafted by me, from the initial sketch to the final brushstroke. Each piece is made using a unique technique called textile priming, which allows me to create lightweight textile sculptures.

 Our Creative Team
I am fortunate to have the support of my husband, Timur Smirnov, who plays a crucial role in bringing our creations to life. You can see his photos, videos, and animations on our Instagram.

  1. https://www.instagram.com/marlitoys/

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Our Muse
The constant source of inspiration for all our characters is our beloved dog, Fibi . She is a charismatic and joyful Jack Russell Terrier who fills our days with energy and delight.

 All our creations are made with love no and attention to detail. We believe in the magic of handmade creations and strive to infuse that magic into every piece we create.
Thank you for visiting our shop. We hope our creations bring as much joy to you as they do to us.

Best wishes 

Lidiya Marinchuk and Timur Smirnov