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Charming crocodile, interior toy

Charming crocodile, interior toy

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Meet our new member of our team,
little Crocodile .He is a little bit shy but absolutely charming and playful .

Little Crocodile has his own wooden stand, so he can stand on his own anywhere. He also loves traveling and walking, so you can take him with you. He will entertain you

He can be your new good friend and a best gift for any occasion

Little Charming Crocodile was made and painted by hand and with love ❤️

Size : 13 cm

Materials: cotton + acrylic paints, wood


*The work will take about 3-4 days

*When Your Little Charming Crocodile is ready, I'll send you the pictures

* Please note: because of the unique and handmade work , color and size of the Little Charming Crocodile may be slightly different

Please let me know if you have any questions. always happy to help :)
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